Pimm Global Conservation

All SavingSpecies conservation decisions are based on the best science and latest conservation techniques. Our Science Advisory Board is comprised of the world’s most accomplished and esteemed conservation biologists: E.O. Wilson, Tom Lovejoy, Peter Raven, Patricia Wright, Trevor Price, and Stuart Pimm.

We also work with an even larger network of conservation scientists and professionals around the world. Since the mid-1980s, SavingSpecies founder Dr. Stuart Pimm has published extensively on the mechanisms of species’ extinctions and practical steps to limit the current extinction crisis. To this end, Dr. Pimm’s research program has focused on the biology and biogeography of species and populations. This research has been driven in part by the cadre of research students, undergraduates and graduates, some of whom have gone on to enjoy distinguished careers in their own right”. This group of researchers, policy makers, and science advisors, “Pimm Global Conservation,” is a virtual think tank dedicated to conservation innovation.

Science done by Pimm Global Conservation is the foundation of SavingSpecies conservation work. We not only implement the best conservation practices, we actively develop them. In this way, we believe that we can best advance the cause of conservation, working to limit and ultimately prevent extinctions.

The links below are a selection of work done by members of The Pimm Group. We select work that is especially relevant to SavingSpecies methods for articles in our blog posts. Other links include important work that is of broader interest to the conservation biology community.

SavingSpecies articles about work by Pimm Global Conservation

Where might oil palm threaten species next? - SavingSpecies President, Stuart Pimm, and Vice-President, Clinton Jenkins have published an important study on how oil palm is moving into biodiverse areas in the tropical moist forests of the world.
VIDEO: Trekking through bamboo for panda poo - China-born PhD candidate Li Binbin is a SavingSpecies scientist and she shares a first-person video of what it's like to trek for hours through the bamboo of China's wild forests in search of signs of pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca).
New Jaw-Dropping Statistic on Extinctions—and Hope for Biodiversity’s Future - A new scientific paper was published today in the prestigious journal Science and it has important findings for biodiversity. Though it reaffirms what we already know—that there is a global extinction crisis and it is worse than we believed—it also details how technology—and smart decision-making—are offering hope for endangered species and their habitats.
NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Illegal Deforestation in Remote Peruvian Amazon - SavingSpecies' vice president Dr. Clinton Jenkins' analysis of new imagery from NASA’s Landsat satellite has uncovered evidence of massive illegal deforestation of Peruvian Amazon rainforest.

Other work by Pimm Global Conservation

The biodiversity of species and their rates of extinction, distribution, and protection. Science 344:6187
A widely-cited paper in Science co-authored by Stuart Pimm and members of his research group.

Remaining natural vegetation in the global biodiversity hotspots. Biological Conservation 177:12-24.
A paper co-authored by Clinton Jenkins discusses loss of natural vegetation in biodiversity hotspots, with analysis of methods to assess natural vegetation cover.