Project Photos

baby olinguito cub looking at camera close-up

The world’s first carnivore mammal to be described in 35 years, the olinguito is a member of the raccoon family. This is perhaps our most famous photo. A few days after scientists announced the new species description, our Colombia project worker Juan Rendon managed to take this picture of an olinguito cub with his cell phone.

A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. Even in countries where we work, most people never get the chance to visit the types of conservation areas we are working to save. Instead, we can share these images from our project to show the beauty and diversity of species we are working to save. We hope you’ll agree that the photos are a wonderful tribute to the importance of our conservation work.

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Photo credits:

Several photographers have kindly contributed their photos from our conservation areas at no cost to SavingSpecies. We are grateful for their expertise and generosity.

  • Stuart Pimm
  • Roger Harris
  • Ryan Lynch
  • David Blinken
  • Juan Rendon
  • David Burkart
  • Whaldener Endo