New video with Golden Lion Tamarins and their babies!  Watch Dr. Pimm explain how SavingSpecies is restoring tamarin-habitat and the tropical rainforest for other great species! (Tamarin footage begins at 1:06).


This video presentation by Dr. Pimm provides scientific background on how SavingSpecies’ project in Brazil is protecting the endangered Golden lion tamarin and restoring its habitat.


Watch this video about our latest project to save species in Colombia.

Finding a home for Dracula (3:58 min)

Featuring Cassidy Horn, student and environmental activist, and Stuart Pimm, founding member of SavingSpecies.

These videos tell you more about who we are and why we need your help. Please share freely. You can find all our videos on our the SavingSpecies YouTube channel.

What are we doing to our planet? (1:02 min)

What can you do about it?

Saving Species Christmas